Power Window Accessories

We have a full line of accessories to choose from.

Give us a call for a complete description of the product you are interested in. At Specialty Power Windows, we design and manufacture all of our components and kits here in our own facility, we are not simply "repacking" components.

Also, Specialty Power Windows is the only company in this field offering to fully stand behind the products we have engineered. We have years of experience in this field, and have tried our best to design our conversions for both ease of installation and long-term reliability.

Product Description Price
BAB Aluminum Bushings for FWC

This is an upgrade for our FWC. It is aluminum bushings for a nicer look. This is used as an upgrade when you already have the conduit springs included with many of our window kits. Also available for our XLFWC,
Sold as a set for two springs
FWC (Flexible Wire Conduits)

The stainless steel flexible wire conduits will hold up to ten, 14 gauge wires. The O.D. is 5/8". For a nicer look. See our FWC-BA.
Photo shows FWC and XL-FWC. Sold in pairs.
FWC-BA Wire Conduits With Aluminum Bushings

Same as our FWC conduits but with Aluminum Bushings for a nicer finished look.
Power Window Motor

Replacement Motor - GM style - two different styles. See photo for style - PHII or PHIII. Specify 9 or 12 tooth gear and standard or weatherpack connector.
Bosch replacement motor with square output shaft is $125.00.
PP-1 Prewired Relay Kit W/Schematic

Prewired relay socket with Bosch relay and 8 ft. of wiring. Use to power any motor one direction. Can be used with any remote control or switch on any motor. Includes wire diagram. To run one motor two directions, such as up and down order 2 PP-1 kits.
PRP - Polarity reversing relay pack.

These relay packs are for using pre 1980 switches with our late model polarity reversing GM motors.
Requires one pack per motor.
Switch, Power Window Double Button

Double Power Window Switch
Chrome GM Style
Switch, Power Window Four Way

Four Way Power Window Switch
Chrome GM Style
Switch, Power Window Single Button

Single Power Window Switch
Chrome GM Style
Swtich Bezels - Aluminum

Our aluminum switch bezels are designed for use with the GM style switches that come with our kits. Switches are not included with the bezels but can be purchased seperately.
Available in round, oval, smooth, or ball milled. We also have
a bezel for the 4 button switch (not shown) for 21.50. See Aluminum Switch Bezels under window kits for individual part numbers.
TS-1 Toggle Switch Kit For All Polarity Reversing

A weatherproof, marine-type switch, this toggle can be mounted under the running board or other hidden location outside the car, as a means to lower the driver's window. The hookup is a simple, three wire installation, and this can be used as an economical substitute for remote controller, or simply as a backup in case you lock your remote transmitter in the car or if your remote fails.
UC-1 / UC-2 Universal Metal Side Run Channel

For the car builders who need rigid side run channel to replace or fabricate new side run channels. The channels come in 23" lengths. The UC-1 will hold felt run channel up to 9/16" wide and the UC-2 will hold felt run channel up to 13/16" wide. Each piece comes with two 3" weld studs and 4 flange nuts.
WLRC Lower Glass Roller Channel Kit

These lower glass channel and lift bar kits are for helping to stop glass rocking where your glass has been cut too short front to rear. However, they will let the glass float in and out. Easily replaces lift bar assembly on PWL units.
XLFWC (Extra Large Flexible Wire Conduits)

XL FWC is 3/4" O.D. They will hold up to sixteen 14 gauge wires.
Photo shows FWC and XL-FWC. Sold in pairs.
XLFWC-BA XL Conduits With Aluminum Bushings

Same as our XLFWC but with Aluminum Bushings for a nicer finished look.